“Malawi” Raffia Macrame Wall Hanging

“Malawi” Raffia Macrame Wall Hanging


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Almost three years ago I designed a piece made from 100% jute, which was inspired by my beautiful Malawi Chair - it’s clean lines and soft curves.

Aptly named “Malawi”, this was in fact the very FIRST piece I ever made. Originally in a long design, I decided to make a short version, which went on to be my best selling design to date!

Fast forward to 2019 and I’ve adapted the design by  creating a piece in raffia and raw water-spun linen with a slightly longer shape.

Introducing the Raffia “Malawi”, made from 100% natural raffia and pure raw, imported water-spun linen. Each strand of linen has been individually wrapped in single strands of raffia, making this piece a very intricately knotted creation. 

Measuring approximately 45cm long across the branch (approximately 60cm wide across the widest part of the body where the raffia sprays out) and approximately 70cm long, this piece is raw, earthy and beautifully textured. Natural fibres tend to work seamlessly with any colour wall and decor.