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Introducing the NEW Limited Edition Ethiopian Cross Collection©

The Ethiopian Cross Collection©, which forms part of the Original Raffia Macrame© Collection, was born from an incredible love for these collectable crosses.

Originating from Ethiopia, they are also known as Eritrean crosses - a symbol of Christianity. Immediately recognisable by their unique design and intricate detail, the intertwined lattice work represents everlasting life.

Each cross is made individually by hand, therefore varying from artist to artist. As with all things handmade, no two are ever the same. 

The crosses in the new roundnine9 collection have been worked into original designs of knotted raffia and pure linen to create incredible texture.

Raw and earthy, the Ethiopian Cross Collection© is made with heart and filled with soul - from Africa to you.

Ethiopian Cross Raffia Macrame Wall Necklaces by roundnine9

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