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“HiwaHiwa” Paware Papua New Guinea Collection


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The Paware Collection is one born from a collaboration with Bek + Meri, Australian importer of traditional, handmade Bilums from rural Papua New Guinea. The fibre used in its raw from in this collection, is the same fibre that’s worked into string to make the iconic Bilum (bag). 

“HiwaHiwa” which means “precious” is a sculptural piece of wall art made from natural, raw and wire-like Bush ‘rop’ or ‘Rimbua’, with intricately knotted natural jute. Measuring approximately 20cm W x 100cm L, this piece has incredible texture, a rich, earthy colour. Seen here in the wall. 

Part of a small collection, as this fibre is sourced directly from rural villages in Papua New Guinea and not readily available. Together, we’re supporting communities and celebrating handmade.